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Does the event need to be streamed live to the internet, or only recorded to a video file for future use? *

A recorded event can usually be cut and uploaded online within 24 hours. To YouTube for example.

({{var_price}} so far) - How many cameras are needed to best cover the event? *

Streaming with just a single camera can be usefull if your budget is minimal and quality is less important than having the event available for following at a different location. It doesn't provide the viewer with a very dynamic experience though, all bits such as zooms and camera movements will be visible.

With multiple cameras an event is much more interesting to follow. It will look more like a TV broadcast, dynamically switching between whatever is most important at any given time.
({{var_price}} so far) - Do you want the best price, or the best quality? *

({{var_price}} so far) - Do you want the presentation or keynote to be visible in the multi camera stream?

We can take the video output of the laptop or video system that's outputting presentations and have this available as an extra input for us to use in the recording or live stream. This way, information shown on the presentation is more easily readable. It also makes the video more dynamic and interesting to watch, bringing the viewer closer to an experience of actually being there.
({{var_price}} so far) - Does the venue have an audio desk or PA system with technician who can supply us with a stereo downmix?

If the venue is not supplied with audio reinforcement hardware, such as microphones and speakers, we bring along handheld or clip-on microphones to make sure that speakers are properly heard.
({{var_price}} so far) - Where does the event take place? *

This will add an estimation of travel and logistics costs to the price estimation. Actual costs will vary of course, depending on many factors.

({{var_price}} so far) - Does the venue have a good internet connection? *

If the answer to this question is "There is no internet", we add the cost for streaming via cellular 3G / 4G or satellite. The cost for this is significant. In many situations however, alternatives can also be found (like long distance wifi point-to-point connections), so don't hesitate to contact us about this .

For a single day event, it looks like the price would be around {{var_price}} for the specifications you've given us.

If this looks to be a little on the high side, you can go back up and change some of the answers to see how the price changes.

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